Residential Services

Bring your vision to life!

Our experienced technicians can service any pool or spa, or they can help you learn about your pool’s chemistry. Call us today to learn more!

Some of our residential services include but are not limited to:

Pool Openings

Although it is impossible to predict weather conditions, we are seeing many customers delay the opening of their pool later and later each year. The problem this creates is a very green pool when it is opened. We always recommend opening the pool prior to the water reaching 60 degrees, which is when algae will start to take over. For this, we strongly encourage opening your pool, by the end of April at the latest.

A standard pool opening includes removing and folding up the cover, un-winterizing all the equipment and adding a heavy dose of shock and algaecide. Price may vary depending on certain conditions.

Please understand that we cannot open a green pool and get it clean and clear by the time we leave. An early opening really starts off the season right!

Pool Closings

At the end of a long swimming season, it is very important to prepare your pool correctly for the cold winter. Whether you need a standard closing or just a water feature or cleaner line winterized we are here to meet your needs.

A standard pool closing includes adding algaecide, winterizing all the equipment, and installing the pool cover. Price may vary depending on certain conditions.

Just let us know when you want to close!

Weekly Maintenance

If you decide that all you want is to enjoy your pool or spa and leave the work to someone else, count on Upstate Pool Management to guarantee sparkling results. Our weekly pool and spa maintenance program is second to none, with trained technicians arriving on a scheduled basis to handle all cleaning and chemical chores associated with pool or spa ownership. All you must do is sit back and leave the work to us.

Weekly maintenance includes:

Vacuuming the pool and spa, as needed

Skimming the pool surface

Brushing of all surfaces, as needed

Checking and adjusting water chemistry levels

Empty debris from automatic cleaners, skimmers, and pump baskets

Backwash, clean cartridge, and DE filters, as needed


We install new as well as service major brands of pool pumps, filters, heaters, salt systems, automation systems, lights, valves, etc.

Upstate Pool Management employs the very best in-house personnel who are highly trained and professional. We strive to offer our valued customers the best in quality products and quality workmanship


Concrete/Plaster Pool Renovations
Upstate Pool Management can make your pool look brand new. From decorative coping to walls and water features, we can bring beauty and sophistication to your older pool with beautiful tile in all types of patterns and colors.

As with any structure, concrete swimming pools experience natural deterioration over the years. Whether cracks in the coping or cavities in the plaster, it may be time to renovate your inground pool.

Not only will this save you from even more costly repairs and structural damage down the road, but it also gives you the opportunity to update the look and feel of your pool and backyard.

Water Features & Lighting

Renovating an older pool gives you the chance to change the look and feel of your backyard.

Whether adding a step, new lighting, or exciting water features like deck jets or laminars, Upstate Pool and Spa can help breathe new life into your older pool and provide a modernized look with stunning add-on features.

Vinyl Liner Replacement
Vinyl liners typically require replacement every 7-10 years. We work with multiple high-quality manufacturers to ensure that our customers get the highest quality liner.